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6. Mount Options

For more information, see the man pages: man mount

6.1 General format for mount command

mount remote_host:/remote_directory /local_mount_point

The remote_directory must be exported by remote_host as defined in the remote_host's /etc/exports file.

        root# mount  -a         Linux mount everything allowed
        root# mountall          Solaris equivalent

6.2 Mount Options

        Refer to "man mount" for all your options and details

        -ro     Read only

        -rw     Mount the filesystem read and write, but can be restricted
                by the server, and a warning is flagged

        -blocksize=1024         block size 
        -rsize=4096     Read buffer size
        -wsize=4096     Write buffer size

        -intr   allow keyboard interrupts to kill the process that is hung
                waiting for the server that is down.

        -nointr No keyboard interrupts allowed.

        -soft   if the server fails to respond, return an error after the
                timeout period ( -timeo=value ) expires and don't bother to try again

        -hard   if the server fails to respond, retry until it does respond
                ( Note that this is the default option )
                Use with caution, can hang your LAN when that server goes
                down as all the other servers need to wait for it to come back.
                        ( use with -intr to allow killing hung processes )

        -bg     do the retrys in background mode

        -fg     dp the retrys in foreground mode

        -nosuid Do not allow executables on the mounted filesystem to run
                as setuid.

        -fstype file system type of the remote partition to mount
                ext2    linux native
                nfs     NFS type
                iso9660 CDROM

        -async  use asynchronous filesystem I/O

        -auto   mount when -a is used

        -noauto Do NOT mount the filesystem even if -a is used

        -nouser Only root can mount the filesystem

        -user   Allow users to mount the filesystem

        -noexec Don't allow execution of files from this filesystem

        -nosuid Don't allow programs in this filesystem to run as setuid or setgid

        -suid   Allow programs to run as setuid or setgid

        -sync   Use synchronous filesystem I/O

        -timeout=#      length of time before an access times out used with soft

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